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Apoorva's Most Requested Keynote

The Future of Gen Z

Every generation has its own values as consumers and creators, and the globalization of Gen Z culture is one that has never been seen before. How can organizations keep up with emerging generations and predict future trends that appeal to Gen Z in the age of social media?


Apoorva is helping leaders figure out how to adapt quickly to be at the forefront of the future of work, innovation, and creation for Gen Z.


Why now?

Gen Z, born between 1997-2012, is the first generation of digital natives. They are the most educated, culturally diverse, and entrepreneurial generation in history. As Gen Z enters the current workforce, they more likely to embrace flexibility, prioritize work-life balance, and have a strong desire for development and growth opportunities.

In order for corporations to successfully attract and retain this generation, understanding Gen Z's values should be the priority to stay competitive in the future of work and innovation. 

Why Apoorva?

"If you want your speaker to leave the audience feeling inspired, educated, and excited, Apoorva is the one. She consistently delivers ‘woah’ moments and is a highly qualified and engaging speaker with a diverse range of experiences and expertise."​

Damian Matheson


The Knowledge Society

Apoorva is a dedicated advocate for Gen Z, always showing up and advocating for their needs. She will continue to significantly impact and inspire the next generation of leaders. From the moment she takes the stage, Apoorva captivates the audience with her knowledge, care, and wisdom.
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Nancy Mwirotsi

Founder and Executive Director


What is the outcome?

The influx of Gen Z into the workforce presents a unique opportunity for corporations. Apoorva's talk is designed to help organizations connect with this demographic, understand their expectations for the workplace, and learn how to effectively engage this generation of thinkers. 

Apoorva has previously spoken for companies such as the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Walmart's Innovation Lab, Microsoft, eBay, The Knowledge Society, and more, to help executives better understand the needs of this generation. With Apoorva's help, corporations can effectively support Gen Z and stay competitive in the race for tech talent.

  • Does Apoorva work with a speaker bureau?
    Yes, Apoorva works with London Speaker Bureau. You can check out her profile and speaking topics here -
  • What is Apoorva's in-person speaking fee?
    It depends! Apoorva's in-person keynote rate ranges depending on the event, location, and time of year. Note that all travel-related expenses are included in her in-person speaking fee. If you want a better idea of how much Apoorva's fee would be for your event, fill out the booking request form and we will let you know promptly!
  • Is Apoorva fully vaccinated?
    Yes! Apoorva is fully vaccinated and boosted, and happy to follow any COVID guidelines you may have for your event.
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