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Apoorva is not limited to one topic or audience, speaking to anyone from young girls to C-Suite executives. She shares her expertise on topics from the digital age to the intersection of STEM and art to gender equity in education. So far, she has reached over 100,000 people internationally.

Read about Apoorva's most requested keynote here.

Popular Topics

Highly-Rated Speaker

"Apoorva is one of the brightest, kindest, and most creative rising stars of our generation. She can engage and empower audiences of all ages and education levels, and I am constantly in awe of her brilliance and grace."

Stephanie Luna-Lopez

Operations Specialist

Girls Leadership Academy Meetup (GLAM)

"Apoorva was a captivating and articulate panelist who completely 'wowed' our audience of tech leaders and students alike. I was inspired by her outstanding accomplishments, curiosity and muliti-disciplinary approach to work and life."

Meagan Filion

Senior Director, Strategy Enablement, Technology & Operations

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

"Apoorva demonstrates impressive skills in speaking, design thinking, innovation, cross-cultural idea sharing, and leadership. Her lived-experience as an artist and scientist add a layer of authenticity and depth which is instrumental in her work's success."

Bupe Chikumbi

Founder and Executive Director

Genius Education Zambia


Becoming the Human Calculator

Featured on the NBC National TV show Genius Junior and viral mathematical sensation on every social platform, Apoorva shares her journey to becoming the “Human Calculator,” from hard-learned mindsets to forging her own education to becoming a published researcher at 16. 

Featured by: PBS NOVA, award-winning science documentary series, the World City Cup Conference, and Top of the Class.

Leveraging Online Platforms in the Digital Age

In the past decade, we’ve seen the incredible potential of streamlining and growing our work online. Apoorva talks about how young people can use their experience in the online space to create or engage with virtual platforms to learn, grow a business, or tangibly develop their passions.

Featured by: the AERO Conference, World's Premiere Alternative Education Conference


Integrating Art for STEM Innovation

Apoorva speaks about the intersection of STEM, the creative world, innovation, and its role in the future. From the beauty of biomimicry to applying art to science, she reveals two cheat codes to creativity and how art and STEM let people interpret the world around us all.

Featured by: Genius Education Zambia, eBay Women in Tech, iTalent Digital.


2022 Youth Host for Flip Live Events

Apoorva was a youth host of Flip Live Events, broadcasted to classrooms across the globe. She has reached tens of thousands of children in classrooms, interviewing experts in science, history, and media. From conversations with a Holocaust survivor to a NYT bestselling author/YouTuber to Redwood park rangers, Apoorva's versatility knows no bounds. As a host, she helped bring awareness to the inspiring stories of people around the world.

Chief STEAM Advisor and Global Ambassador for GLAM

Apoorva is the Chief STEM Advisor of the Girls Leadership Academy Meetup, an organization that brings women tech leaders together to inspire girls to find their voice, develop technical skills like coding and business pitching, and take on leadership positions. She has mentored over 1000 girls aged 8-12 from various socioeconomic backgrounds, guiding them through their technological innovation regarding climate change, support for disabled communities, saving wildlife, and more.


Apoorva leads and host these events in partnership with multibillion dollar companies like Google, Cisco, Arm, eBay, the London Stock Exchange Group, and more. She has reached thousands of girls all over the world, including in Romania, Israel, Kenya, UK, South Africa, India, Poland, the Philipines, to name a few.

Wonders of the Mathematical World

In this math workshop, Apoorva walks the audience through the fascinating intersection of math and art, explores the nuances of the liar’s paradox, and teaches you how to literally run the world with spherical geometry. She performs some “mathemagic” with an impressive demo of mental calculations and does a LIVE demonstration of the amazing properties of a Möbius strip—you won't want to miss it. Apoorva aims to prove that math has some interesting for everyone, you just need to know where to look!

Trusted by: Mensa, Microsoft

Addressing Gender Bias in Early Education

To promote diversity in tech, it’s time to demystify it–starting with younger generations. How can we create an exposure mechanism for all students to engage them in as many areas as possible and to give them a playground to problem-solve in? A focus on transferable real-world skills at an early age gives meaning to learning, and in turn creates motivation. Start allowing students to be actively learning and working on the problems of today, instead of waiting for the problems of tomorrow.

Trusted by: Global Youth STEM Summit, Masason Foundation, eBay

  • Does Apoorva work with a speaker bureau?
    Yes, Apoorva works with London Speaker Bureau. You can check out her profile and speaking topics here -
  • What is Apoorva's in-person speaking fee?
    It depends! Apoorva's in-person keynote rate ranges depending on the event, location, and time of year. Note that all travel-related expenses are included in her in-person speaking fee. If you want a better idea of how much Apoorva's fee would be for your event, fill out the booking request form and we will let you know promptly!
  • Is Apoorva fully vaccinated?
    Yes! Apoorva is fully vaccinated and boosted, and happy to follow any COVID guidelines you may have for your event.
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